Bio Based Products

Product wholly or partly derived from biomass

The bio-based product is normally characterised by the bio-based carbon content or the bio-based content. Product can be an intermediate, material, semifinished or final product [see page 2]. “Bio-based product” is often used to refer to a product which is partly bio-based. In those cases the claim should be accompanied by a quantification of the bio-based content.

Bio-based products and sustainability

Sustainability of bio-based products is dependent on multiple factors, such as sourcing of feedstock, design of the production process, adequate choice of disposal option, etc.

Life Cycle Assessments and environmental product labels (such as third party managed ecolabels) provide reliable information for some products.

Sustainable sourcing and smart use of biomass can lead to the production of goods which are improved versions of traditional fossil-based alternatives or completely new items, and thus can contribute positively to savings in greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity, waste reduction and a long-term shift away from finite resources.

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Establishing a bioeconomy in Europe holds a great potential: it can maintain and create economic growth and jobs in rural, coastal and industrial areas, reduce fossil fuel dependence and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of primary production and processing industries.

Bio-based products can

Reduce the economy’s dependence on fossil feedstocks

Make a positive contribution to meeting the EU’s climate goals.

Relieve pressure on ecosystems through feedstock diversification.

Help create green jobs in the EU, particularly in rural areas.

Help drive European innovation.

Biomass Feedstocks




Wood & Natural fibres

Natural oils & fats

Mixed biomass, waste

Natural rubber

Bio-based intermediates

Wood and fibre base materials

Pulp & paper


Platform & fine chemicals



Bio-based end products 

Construction materials

Office materials

Catering products

Protective coatings



Public greenery