Biomass and Biogas

As a FSC & PEFC CoC certified Trader, we are able to supply and ensure biomass & wood from sustainable forest areas and other responsible sources.

he Iberia Bioenergy’s Biomass Trading Desk can get is able to secure more than 100.000 tonnes per year of biomass accross the World and our Origination business unit can collect more than 5.000 tonnes per month from own forest assets or public/private forest farms.

Biomass Raw Materials

Virgin Biomass

  • Wood Chips: We trade Wood Chips Standard  EN 14961 for European Market by chipping (cutting the wood into pieces with a knife).
  • Pellets: Iberia Bioenergy has long-term agreements in place with a number of high-quality suppliers for about  100.000 metric tonnes per year of I2 wood pellets.
Agro Pellets

Agro Biomass

Iberia Bioenergy through its wide biomass sourcing net is providing alternative solutions for Biomass Power ProducersSpecially from the Black and Mediterranean Seas, we are able to secure long-term or spot orders of theses materials, once they meet fully the customer quality requirements.

Derivated from Olive Oil Industry

The Olive Tree’s crop surface in Andalusia (Spain) is approximately  800.000 Ha. These kind of biomass come from season crop products. The crop usually starts in December/January and ends in  March/April. Mediterranean countries like Tunisia and Spain are important exporters of these kind of biomass.

  • Olive Cake and pellets.
  • Olive Stones.
  • Olive Cake Pellets.
  • Olive pruning wood chips and Pellets.

Derivated from Fruit Trees agroindystry

From kernel fruits trees species or Lemon and Orange fruit trees. Every 10 -12 year fruit trees lands are renoval to fresh trees plantations , which means more tham 35.000 Tm of biomass per year across South Spain.

Derivates from the Almond  Industry

The almond trees crops are mainly agglutinated in USA, Spain and Tunisia. These kind of biomass come from season crop products.

Straw Pellets

Iberia Bioenergy is able to secure long-term agreements  with a number of high-quality suppliers for about 50.000 Tonnes per year of Straw Pellets, Spanish Origin.


  • Grude Glycerin as by-product in Biodiesel Industry
  • Husk Sunflower / Straw Pellets.
  • Damaged Grains: Such crops include maize, grass silage, energy beet and wholecrop cereals.
  • Damaged Meals or Flours: Such as DDGS, sunflower or rapeseed meals.
  • Olive Cake
  • Husk Sunflower Pellets
  • Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets