Waste and Residues Origination

Our broad activity makes us key agents in the collective endeavor of decarbonization.

The revised Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) contains the Annex IX which lists the feedstocks that are incentivized for the purposes of the EU’s transport emission reduction targets. Waste and advanced biofuels are made from materials listed in Part A and Part B of the Annex IX.

The majority of waste biodiesel currently produced in the EU comes from part B feedstocks, i.e. used cooking oil and animal fats and it is subject to a cap at 1.7% of transport energy.

Advanced biofuels produced from Annex IX Part A feedstocks have a specific sub-target starting at 0.2% in 2022, at least 1% in 2025, and increasing to at least 3.5% in 2030.

The Annex IX feedstock list will be reviewed every two years with a view to add new materials and expand the feedstocks incentivized to produce sustainable biofuels under REDII.


Storage + Refinery

邦仕能源(Partner Energy Jiangsu Partner Energy Co., Ltd) is an integrated feedstocks and biofuels supplier with physical assets and trading arms along the industry chain. PT’s shareholders are the owners  for the three major UCO plants, allocated from North , center to South of china at Jiangsu ,Guangzhou and Hebei provinces , with a a wide net of UCO collection points underlying each plant.

Other UCO collection projects and storage of POME  have also been invested in Southeast Asia. Over the past years the plants have developed great reputation and trustful branding names among our customers in this rapidly expanding low carbon feedstocks market.

Through our Project company  we aid in the expansion of governmental kitchen waste treatment plants, China-wide, as well as in South East Asia.

20,000ton per month. In 2020, total export volume accounts for nearly 30%of all export volume.

UCO Capacity in China